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“Suddenly” featuring Ray Liotta (available on DVD and Blu Ray)

            If you are a fan of crime or gangster films, then Ray Liotta is your man.  The veteran actor who cemented his gangster lore in “Goodfellas” turns over a new leaf by playing the crime stopper in “Suddenly.”

            When four would-be assassins, posing as Secret Service agents, take over a house owned by a widow, Todd (Liotta) is the only one who is on to their nefarious motives.

            The four have a plan to kill the president when he visits the small town of Suddenly, and it is up to Todd and the widow to halt their plans of assassination.

            “Suddenly” is available on Blu Ray and DVD.

Bluebeards Original

            For the perfect Christmas gift for dad, try Bluebeards Original beard maintenance kit. 

            The kit comes with three wonderful products to keep a man’s beard in perfect shape and perfect condition.

            The Beard Saver is a daily control and condition lotion for the beard.  The saver is a daily treatment that will keep a beard feeling soft and looking good.

            The Wonder Beard intensive repair is a unique conditioner that restores and rejuvenates coarse facial hair.

            Finally, the Beard Wash provides extra conditioning by fighting frizz and flakes and giving your beard the perfect shine.

Body Candy by Good Clean Love

            What is the perfect nightcap for that romantic evening with your lady?  When the normal and typical ways to romance your lady become monotonous, adult candy by Good Clean Love might be the perfect ingredient to add spice to your relationship, and keep the flame burning.

            Good Clean Love provides a line of Body Candy, which consists of a natural blend of plant butters and oils in three romantic scents and flavors such as orange spice, cocoa and vanilla chai.

            Add this special ingredient to your diet, and satisfy that special someone in your life.

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