Job Market 101: Tips for Employment Opportunities for College Graduates


            Despite the many bleak forecasts that college graduates have been reading, there are still signs of hope and career opportunities. 

The jobs for recent college graduates may not be in the same industries that were once in abundance, but new career fields have opened up with the rise in technology and the growth of the global market.  

While some might argue about the cost of a college education and its worth in the job market, it is still widely understood that having a college education guarantees better pay in the long term, which is crucial information for those entering the workforce when the economy rebounds.

According to a recent report from the University of California at San Diego, there are a number of jobs for college graduates who are willing to expand their search horizons and look for employment in niche industries that are on the rise. 

Information, communications and technology are high on these “emerging niche industries” for job prospects. Health care information technology has become a vital area as the health care industry continues to grow and as does the importance to transform operations and data to accommodate the digital age and create global access to life saving techniques. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in this industry are expected to increase by 20 percent, or approximately 35,000 new positions, by 2018.

Data mining is another niche industry that will provide a wide range of jobs for recent college graduates who have an interest in analyzing the vast amounts of data that is generated daily.

This information is useful within the retail trade where analysts can determine what consumers need and develop market trends as well as marketing strategies. Mining for data is also useful in scientific research and can provide insights for law enforcement to uncover illegal activities.

Engineering still remains high on the list for jobs for recent college graduates and the niche industry here is “embedded engineering” which is the bridging area between the software and hardware industries with the focus on microchip technology.  Most hires in this arena require a Bachelor’s degree and experience in computer science and the career field ranges from software engineers to systems managers.                     

In the communications arena, the surge in social media formats has enhanced feature writing via the growth of online writing opportunities.  Although print journalism has taken a bit hit during the recession, Web writers are experiencing “exciting times” as the available technology has changed the industry. 

The jobs for recent college graduates have increased in the industries because these aspiring journalists have a comfort level with social media and Web technology, which gives them a heads up over older writers who have not adapted to the new methods.

Finally, the “green collar” movement is an emerging niche industry that is projected to encompass the majority of all available jobs in some form.  Whether it is a “green” engineer, architect or designer who will have to develop products and models in line with environment impact studies or an accountant or marketer whose reports and strategies will highlight the cost implications using “green” resources, the jobs for recent college graduates will more plentiful for those who are “green” savvy.

While this is a brief snapshot on the job market, the message is clear that there are still jobs for recent college graduates who have the flexibility to think not only outside the box, but about the future.

Mereday is a contributing writer for Regal Black Men’s Magazine, a publication dedicated to the African American community.

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