IT/Engineering Jobs Available Nationwide

    Are you dissatisfied with the current job market?  Do you find yourself frustrated and unable to land a position in your dream field? 

    Due to the difficulty that many face when looking for employment, System Services, Inc. and recruiter Kristy Phillips are currently looking to place skilled workers in the fields of IT, industrial technology, engineering as well as the government sector. 

    Qualified applicants must possess all relevant certifications pertaining to their background or field of education, i.e. Network Engineers must have their CCNP certification.

    Phillips says that applicants should expect a salary based on pay at previous places of employment. 

    “Also demographics play a major role in salary.  People that live in California make more money because the cost of living is higher, but it balances itself out based on your desired location of residency,” Phillips says.

    Phillips herself is one of the many SSi success stories.  She started at Manpower as an entry level Staffing Specialist.  She began working in the recruiting sector in 2005 and has been selected to recruit for major companies such as Countrywide and Ericsson, hiring for positions as prestigious as CEO and Vice President.

    Although Phillips recruits all over the continental United States, 40 percent of her requisitions are in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

    “My firm gets all candidates interviewed and submitted with an expected interview and/or possible start date of one to two weeks max,” Phillips adds.

    To apply for positions contact Phillips at or 214-556-2565 extension 17.

    Visit System Services, Inc at

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