From Planning, to Linking In: Keys to Success in Business


             According to Jack Burgess, a contributing writer for the Portsmouth Daily Times, “In spite of the Mayan calendar and predictions of catastrophe, 2012 could be a pretty good year.”   

Many experts share this view about 2012 being a good year especially in the technology and health care fields.

Taking targeted action now can ensure diverse businesses have a successful and profitable year. 

In keeping with the growth of diverse companies, business development experts have a number of keys to success in business.  From planning to tweeting, we will examine a number of areas to help diverse businesses have a smoother ride on the road to success. 

“Business success is 90 percent planning and 10 percent doing,” states Terry Allen, an award-winning CEO of a public engagement firm specializing in micro-enterprise consulting. “So every business leader needs to embrace detail driven planning because it is the planning that prepares the business for any and all occurrences upon activation.”    

Allen, who has helped to establish and grow for-profit companies and not-for-profit organizations, is a firm believer in support networks as a key to business success.

“Having a visionary business plan and a flexible marketing strategy are at the heart of a solid foundation for a business.”

Allen adds, “It is important to develop and nurture at least three mentors that have a direct skill-set related to your business or they can have great business credentials on areas where you are weak.”  Having mentors to bounce off ideas and to receive constructive criticism is a good cornerstone to build your business and resource base.

In addition to building a resource base to help establish the business from within, another value-added key to success is the effective use of social media. 

Popular social media sites such as LinkedIn can provide business owners with both connections and customers. 

Regina L. Burns, new media producer with Dallas-based Harvest Reapers Communications, trains professionals to maximize their LinkedIn profiles and assists companies in communicating their business information through the use of digital tools.

“There are a number of ways to maximize your LinkedIn real estate to grow your business,” notes Burns. “First, before you create a profile, search for titles and industries that match yours and count the primary keywords used in those profiles and incorporate them into your profile.  Keep it professional by adding a solid headline, current photo and key accomplishments.”

She also recommends adding Twitter to your profile to post updates, “thereby doubling your social media real estate.” Furthermore, Burns advises joining or creating relevant LinkedIn groups in your industry.

“I would also suggest taking advantage of the Amazon Reading List and files,” comments Burns.

There are many options available for aspiring businesses during this period of economic recovery. Having a plan to set the tone for your business, building a support group of mentors, identifying roles models, establishing a professional social media base and building a business profile to promote your accomplishments are just a few keys to business success and staying current. 

Taking advantage of current trends and forecasting future needs are also proactive tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.  One of the real keys to business success is faith. Keep the faith, keep the focus.

Mereday is a contributing writer for Regal Magazine, a publication dedicated to the African American community.


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