Leveling the Playing Field


            The conclusion of the school year is usually an anxious time for many college graduates.  Many have spent four or more years preparing for that ideal career, however, when many enter the workforce they find it difficult to land that dream job or get their own business off the ground.

            The most daunting task for Black men in business is networking and interacting with decision-makers who can take your career to the next level.

            Nevertheless, the Turning Point Urban Business Summit and Expo 2008, which will take place from June 25-27, 2008 at the Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, will seek to bring together diverse and minority-owned, operated or focused small businesses and entrepreneurs.

            According to a statement from TPC Foundation, Inc., “The Turning Point Urban Business Summit and Expo 2008 attracts successful business owners and entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and affiliations who are looking to grow.  Cross-cultural collaboration, business building networking and resource sharing will thrive in this unique two-day conference.  Small to medium business attendees from across the United States and around the globe will connect with corporate and government representatives.”

            Black men in business will benefit from influential executives ranging from playwright David E, Talbert and Dante Lee, president of Diversity City Media.

            On June 25, 2008, TPC Foundation, Inc. will host their fifth annual golf tournament, with proceeds going to SmartStart Youth Financial Literacy Program.  The following day, David Lattimore, President of the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, will deliver the keynote speech.  In addition, on the final day of the conference, Black men in business will enjoy a full day of business sessions and expo, as well as a historic evening reception to honor Speakers of the California State Assembly.

            For Black men in business unable to attend the conference, Jaekai.com has hit the World Wide Web, giving young Black men in business online resources and networking events to generate much-needed business leads.

            “Jaekai.com researchers scour the Internet to find networking mixers, tradeshows, conferences, conventions, industry insider, and key influencer events in Southern California.”  The website has already become a proven asset for many young Black men in business.

            “I went to an event listed on Jaekai.com, and it was phenomenal.  I connected with an executive at a VC firm who I heard speak when I was getting my MBA,” said Malik Ducard, VP of North American Digital Distribution at Paramount Studios.

            Jaekai.com describes itself as a destination website where ambitious Black men in business, and all minority groups, have access to business intelligence.  Visitors to their site can easily find networking events for a variety of industries and cultural groups, as well as find vendors, product and process trends, and expert advice.  Jaekai.com prides itself on a multicultural audience with multicultural content.

            For more information on the Turning Point Urban Business Summit and Expo 2008, call (323) 299-6000.

James is a writer for Regal Black Men’s Magazine.

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