Turning a Godly Idea into a Successful Business


            As an intellectual property lawyer and practicing theologian, Darcell Walker meets many clients that believe that God has blessed them with the creativity to start a new business venture that will surely be profitable in more ways than one.  However, due to a lack of knowledge, confidence or even faith, many of these ideas never become more than ideas because some people fail to develop their ideas into a full business plan.

            “I get more people that come to me with ideas, especially African Americans … but don’t know what to do with them,” says Walker.  The Houston attorney began conducting clinics at the University of Houston Small Business Center on starting a business and legal procedures that must be followed, and decided he needed to put this valuable information in a book.  Most business self-help books do not focus on what to do when you have an excellent business idea but do not have the confidence to act on that idea.

            The result was Walker’s newly released book Godly Ideas Perceiving and Pursuing God-Given Ideas.  The son of a Methodist minister from Hempstead, Texas, he was initially reluctant to enter the field of ministry, but after receiving degrees from Prairie View A&M University, UCLA and University of Texas School of Law, Walker decided to complete a graduate degree in divinity from Southern Methodist University.  He uses his legal and biblical knowledge to encourage readers to follow their dreams and implement those Godly ideas.

            He believes the main reason some people become discouraged from implementing their ideas is that they sometimes seek affirmation from others who may not be as enthusiastic about their dreams as they are.  Furthermore, he believes others simply lack the faith, confidence and/or perseverance to carry out their dreams until they become a reality.

            “Some people don’t believe that God will give them something that is worthwhile,” says Walker.  “‘[Other] people can be successful but I can’t.’  They don’t believe God can bless them that kind of way so they really downplay their own idea.”

            Nevertheless, Walker believes recent events in the news will inspire more people to act on those creative ideas.  Walker believes the sluggish economy which has resulted in massive layoffs across the country and the historic election of Barack Obama as the first Black president of the United States, should inspire people to go after their dreams.  For those who used the comfort of a stable job as an excuse not to start their own business may not feel as comfortable now about the future of that job. 

In addition, Obama’s story of a single-parent upbringing, with an absent father and dedicated grandparents is the same story that so many other Americans have experienced.  The recent election showed many that despite being a long-shot, with faith and hard work any goal is achievable.  Walker believes the election is a prime example of what happens when “preparation meets opportunity.”

And his new book, Godly Ideas: Perceiving and Pursuing God-Given Ideas is a blueprint that will teach a person how to prepare to act on those business goals.  The book begins with a foreword from Rev. Kirbyjon H. Caldwell of Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston.

Caldwell writes, “Attorney Walker uses his theological, business and legal knowledge to provide a comprehensive resource that guides us through the process of developing ideas.  The book provides us with information that will enable us to take our ideas from conception to construction and from imagination to implementation.”

Smith is publisher of Regal Black Men’s Magazine.

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