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Black Lives Matter

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Casey Goodson vs. Merak Burr Why We Say, 'Black Lives Matter' by Todd A. Smith
Casey Goodson killed after encounter with cop, Merak Burr arrested peacefully (nuff said)
Published: Friday 11 December, 2020
Black Students Who Participated in SFA Prank Extremely Tone Deaf by Todd A. Smith
Students who called cops on Black SFA student could've caused catastrophe
Published: Friday 02 October, 2020
Double Standard for Breonna Taylor, Etc. Vs. Others Pisses Many Off by Todd A. Smith
Protestors in Breonna Taylor case want to eliminate double standard in judicial system for cops, community
Published: Friday 25 September, 2020
Put Some Respect on Breonna Taylor's Name: Don't 'Defame' Dead by Todd A. Smith
Breonna Taylor's ex offered deal for naming her as co-conspirator in alleged drug operation
Published: Friday 04 September, 2020
Kyle Rittenhouse=Patriot, Jacob Blake=Thug and America Still Doesn't See Problem by Todd A. Smith
If Jacob Blake=thug, so does Kyle Rittenhouse
Published: Friday 28 August, 2020
New George Floyd Video Even More Heartbreaking by Todd A. Smith
If George Floyd’s consistent pleas for his life do not move you, you’re part of problem
Published: Friday 07 August, 2020
Rest In Peace to Term Black-on-Black Crime by Todd A. Smith
Despite fact that Black community has to stop senseless violence, no such thing as Black-on-Black crime
Published: Friday 10 July, 2020
Being Different Like Elijah McClain Does Not Protect From Being Seen as Threat by Todd A. Smith
Elijah McClain fit no negative stereotype of African-American men
Published: Friday 03 July, 2020
Police Encounters With Violent Whites Prove That Rayshard Brooks Didn't Have to Die by Todd A. Smith
Published: Friday 19 June, 2020
Death of George Floyd: What White People Can Do to Help Black Lives Matter by Todd A. Smith
To help movement in wake of George Floyd death, White people can listen, act
Published: Friday 05 June, 2020
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