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Black Experience

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Black Folks, Stop Misusing Black Stereotypes Like Coon by Todd A. Smith
Black stereotypes like coon do not mean what some think they mean
Published: Friday 16 September, 2016
With Respect to WWII, Civil Rights Movement Greatest Generation by Todd A. Smith
Young leaders of Civil Rights Movement should be considered greatest generation
Published: Friday 29 April, 2016
Killing of Black Men: Am I Next? by Todd A. Smith
Killing of Black men puts all of us at risk
Published: Friday 15 August, 2014
Solomon Northup is America's Anne Frank by Todd A. Smith
Requiring students to read, watch Solomon Northup's "12 Years a Slave" will make younger generations fully understand America's biggest sin
Published: Friday 28 March, 2014
Kiera Wilmot Poster Child for Zero Tolerance Flaws by Todd A. Smith
Kiera Wilmot faces felony charges for science experiment gone wrong at Florida school
Published: Friday 03 May, 2013
Colorism 2012: Is Paper Bag Test Still Prevalent? by Todd A. Smith
Light-skinned, dark-skinned Blacks equally responsible for colorism divide in community
Published: Friday 30 November, 2012
Persecuting Stacey Dash, Black Conservatives Counterproductive by Todd A. Smith
Not allowing Black conservatives to support Romney just as bad as stripping their voting rights
Published: Friday 12 October, 2012
Black Males in America Step Up, Become Father Figures by Todd A. Smith
Successful Black males in America need to mentor young fatherless Black boys
Published: Friday 21 September, 2012
Chad Holley, Martin Cases Show Black Male Life Has No Value by Todd A. Smith
Chad Holley beating, Trayvon Martin murder just latest cases to prove Black male life has no value
Published: Friday 18 May, 2012
Come On; Stereotype of Blacks, Chicken Not That Serious by Todd A. Smith
Pulling Mary J. Blige's ad shows ignorance of stereotype concerning Blacks, chicken
Published: Friday 06 April, 2012
Blaming Blacks for London Riots Epitome of Race Card by Todd A. Smith
To blame Blacks for London riots proves lack of accountability
Published: Thursday 18 August, 2011
Are Blacks Welcome on Washington Avenue, Houston? by Todd A. Smith
Blacks experience discrimination at venues on Washington Avenue, Houston.
Published: Wednesday 12 May, 2010
The HBCU Experience by Todd A. Smith
HBCU leaders say that their schools will receive less funding from the Obama administration.
Published: Thursday 14 May, 2009
Report Shows Rise in Black-on-Black Crime by Todd A. Smith
Black-on-Black crime on the rise.
Published: Thursday 08 January, 2009
Black Community Should Shed Slave Mentality by Todd A. Smith
Black community should embrace independence.
Published: Wednesday 11 June, 2008
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