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My Only In-Person Encounter With Kobe Bryant by Todd A. Smith
Kobe Bryant, 41, passed in helicopter crash on Jan. 26
Published: Friday 31 January, 2020
Washington NFL Team Name Legal But Not Morally Right by Todd A. Smith
Washington NFL team nickname should change to Red Cloud
Published: Friday 23 June, 2017
Kevin Durant, LeBron Hated Because They Know Their Power, Worth by Todd A. Smith
Young athletes like Kevin Durant put equal emphasis on business as basketball
Published: Friday 16 June, 2017
Put Some Respect on LeBron James' Name, Business Associates by Todd A. Smith
Calling Black business team a posse shows lack of respect
Published: Friday 18 November, 2016
Those Who Threaten Beaumont Bulls, Kids Lowest of Low by Todd A. Smith
Beaumont Bulls little league football team has received threats because of National Anthem protest
Published: Friday 21 October, 2016
Uniqueness of Cam Newton Will Have Him Go Down in NFL History by Todd A. Smith
Cam Newton, like all trendsetters, will face early unwarranted scrutiny
Published: Friday 29 January, 2016
Comments by Bruce Levenson of Atlanta Hawks not Racist by Todd A. Smith
Former Hawks owner Bruce Levensonís comments only reflect reality of racism in American culture
Published: Friday 12 September, 2014
Donald Sterling Rant Proves Existence of Plantation Mentality by Todd A. Smith
Racist comments by Donald Sterling show need for more Black ownership
Published: Friday 02 May, 2014
Jonathan Martin Should Man Up, Confront Bullying Teammates by Todd A. Smith
Bullying will never stop until people taught to stand up for themselves
Published: Friday 08 November, 2013
Riley Cooper's Comments Non-Issue for Current Black Plight by Todd A. Smith
Controversial comments by Eagles' receiver should be non-issue; self-accountability should be issue
Published: Friday 02 August, 2013
LeBron's Testimony Should Be Motivation to those who Dream by Todd A. Smith
Success usually only comes after trials, tribulation
Published: Friday 21 June, 2013
MLB Exec Gives Opinion on Baseball Diversity, Robinson Legacy by Wendy Lewis
Wendy Lewis is Senior Vice President of Diversity & Strategic Alliances with Major League Baseball
Published: Friday 10 May, 2013
Releasing Wonderlic Test Scores Epitome of Unethical Journalism by Todd A. Smith
Disseminating LSU's Morris Claiborne's Wonderlic test scores has no place in journalism
Published: Friday 13 April, 2012
Andre Johnson Fight Blown Out of Proportion by Todd A. Smith
Parents should not criticize Andre Johnson fight; parents should be role model
Published: Thursday 02 December, 2010
Tiger Finds Forgiveness at the Masters Golf Tournament by Todd A. Smith
Woods finds enthusiastic fan base at the Masters golf tournament.
Published: Thursday 08 April, 2010
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