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Athletes and Social Issues

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Colin Kaepernick Totally Wrong for Fidel Castro Praise by Todd A. Smith
Colin Kaepernick cannot protest oppression of Blacks but then praise Fidel Castro who oppressed Cubans
Published: Friday 02 December, 2016
Colin Kaepernick Protest as American as Apple Pie by Todd A. Smith
Those who condemn Colin Kaepernick must also be condemning First Amendment
Published: Friday 02 September, 2016
Community Should Celebrate Fact Michael Jordan Now 'Woke' by Todd A. Smith
Jordan should not face criticism for taking long time to become publicly 'woke' on Black issues
Published: Friday 12 August, 2016
Kentucky Should Rename Rupp Arena by Todd A. Smith
Rupp Arena honors legendary coach with less than legendary record on racial equality
Published: Friday 25 March, 2016
Mizzou Protest Proves Financial Power of Black Community by Todd A. Smith
Mizzou protest succeeded because of threat of lost football revenue
Published: Thursday 12 November, 2015
Athletes Need Not Apologize for Social Activism by Todd A. Smith
Celebrity athletes should continue to use platform for activism, not for forced apologies to law enforcement officials
Published: Friday 19 December, 2014
Adrian Peterson Wrong, But Corporal Punishment Still Needed by Todd A. Smith
Sometimes corporal punishment necessary depending on situation
Published: Friday 19 September, 2014
Stephen A. Smith, Michael Eric Dyson Both Right on Black Plight by Todd A. Smith
Systemic racism is obvious, but self-accountability is what’s needed in Black community
Published: Friday 30 May, 2014
DeSean Jackson Should Not Leave the Hood Behind by Todd A. Smith
Celebrities like Jackson have opportunity to inspire millions from volatile backgrounds
Published: Friday 04 April, 2014
Smart, Sam Controversies Show America's Struggle with Diversity by Todd A. Smith
Marcus Smart, Michael Sam controversies microcosm of divided country
Published: Friday 14 February, 2014
If Richard Sherman's a Thug, I Want to be a Thug Too by Todd A. Smith
Actions of Richard Sherman opposite of definition of a thug
Published: Friday 24 January, 2014
Jameis Winston Ordeal Cautionary Tale for Talented, Famous by Todd A. Smith
Jameis Winston, other talents have to realize they're under constant microscope
Published: Friday 15 November, 2013
Jalen Rose Off-Base Labeling Grant Hill an Uncle Tom by Todd A. Smith
Calling Black Duke basketball players Uncle Toms shows socioeconomic hatred between Blacks
Published: Thursday 17 March, 2011
BYU Sports Should Be Commended for Basketball Suspension by Todd A. Smith
Suspension of star forward shows equal treatment between students, BYU sports stars
Published: Thursday 10 March, 2011
LeBron Says Racism in Sports Reason for Backlash by Todd A. Smith
Miami Heat star believes racism in sports contributes to negative image.
Published: Thursday 07 October, 2010
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