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Athletes and Political Issues

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Montrezl Cannot Ask For Equality, Hate on Luka Because of Race by Todd A. Smith
Equality means equal treatment for all, not special treatment for some
Published: Friday 28 August, 2020
New Day in Sports: Playing and Protesting While Still Profiting by Todd A. Smith
New generation of sports stars proves politics do not necessarily mean less profits
Published: Friday 31 July, 2020
Mikey Williams Could Become Influential Like Another Mike by Todd A. Smith
Top-notch Black high school athletes like Mikey Williams considering HBCUs because of current racial climate
Published: Friday 12 June, 2020
LeBron James Takes 'L' With China Comments Despite Stellar Track Record on Issues by Todd A. Smith
LeBron James put profits before people with comments on China
Published: Friday 18 October, 2019
NFL Cannot Stop Colin Kaepernick's Purpose in Life by Todd A. Smith
Even if NFL does blackball Colin Kaepernick, God has his back
Published: Friday 24 March, 2017
Athletes as Role Models: Is it a Good Idea? by Todd A. Smith
The murder of Steve McNair, shows that portraying athletes as role models does not mean perfection.
Published: Thursday 09 July, 2009
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