As someone who makes a living giving his opinion, I respect everyone’s opinions, though they may differ from mine.

People do not have to agree with me and vice versa.

But some so-called Black conservatives in the media like Sage Steele and Candace Owens must realize they are doing their country more of a disservice than they realize when they constantly say negative things about their own community.

They are also getting used by White conservative media personalities who only invite them on their platforms so those White media personalities can lie to themselves about not being racist.

Having a Black conservative agree with them on racial issues only serves to make them feel less guilt, and it falsely gives the impression that they support diversity when they truly do not because many right-wing media companies rarely feature diversity of opinions on their platforms.

Suspended ESPN personality Sage Steele, who is biracial, found herself in hot water for her hot takes on former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler’s podcast.

On the podcast, Steele said it was interesting that former President Barack Obama listed his race as Black on the census even though his White mother and White maternal grandparents raised him.

Steele went on to say that Barack Obama, Sr. was nowhere in sight during the former president’s upbringing.

Her take was disturbing for several reasons.

By Steele’s logic, a Black child being raised by adoptive White parents should list their race as White because after all, their biological Black parents are probably nowhere to be found.

As a person of African ancestry, Steele should understand the social construct of race.

The idea of race is not biological, it is social and societal.

While there is something biological called ethnicity, race was a social construct created by people who would be categorized as White today to justify the inhumane treatment inflicted on people who had darker skin tones like modern day African-Americans and Native Americans.

How could a human being live with themselves after treating their fellow man in a worse way than they treated their own dogs?

Easy answer.

If a White person could convince themself that a person of color was less than them and less than human, then they could justify treating that human being worse than they treated their animals.

That concept of race and racism, obviously, exists to this day.

How can some police officers justify killing unarmed African-Americans for apparently no reason?

Easy answer.

If those police officers can convince themselves that African-American men, in particular, are more prone to violence and are less intelligent and less sophisticated than their White counterparts, then they can sleep easier at night for murdering innocent African-Americans.

So-called Black conservatives could go on right wing media and educate people on America’s creation of systemic racism.

That education could possibly lead to positive change, unity and less racism.

But instead, people like Steele and Owens would seemingly rather get White approval than to change some of the problems within the White community when it comes to race.

Yes, that might mean less media opportunities and less money in the short run.

Personally, I have run into some difficulty when trying to educate people on right wing media.

That might have led to less opportunities for me.

However, if my words can lead to less hatred and less systemic racism in the world, I am cool with losing those opportunities.

As an adult, I am not going to lie to people or tell them what they want to hear so that they can like me more or invite me to sit with the cool kids in the cafeteria for lunch.

White acceptance should not even be important to Black people in the first place.

Being a voice for people who look like you and bringing people of all colors together to end racism should be the only reason why a Black person should want to have a media voice.

Infamously, Owens won a lawsuit against some White classmates who discriminated against her and called her racial slurs when she was younger.

Once her family got their money, seemingly, she forgot that the racism she experienced happens to her “brothers” and “sisters” also on an everyday basis.

Now that Owens has White acceptance, she has apparently distanced herself from herself.

And I say she has distanced herself from herself and not from her community because any Black person that hates on the Black community so much is a person that actually hates themself.

Therefore, White conservatives must realize that many of these so-called Black conservatives are not really conservative at all.

They are Black people who hate being Black and desire White acceptance to compensate for their self-hate.

Nevertheless, the blame is not just on Black conservatives in the media.

The blame must be shared by right-wing, White owned media companies who only care about making money from those in their echo chamber instead of using their massive media conglomerates to bring people together by exposing them to multiple viewpoints.

There are countless Black conservatives who preach true conservative values like limited government and Christian morals.

However, that does not mean that they have turned their backs on the Black community.

Conservative media companies can remain true to their conservative point-of-view without pretending that racism does not exist.

They can have Black voices on their platforms that truly care about their own community but have conservative political views.

Therefore, stop only bringing Black people on your platforms that make you feel less racist.

Doing that only proves that you are truly racist and afraid of hearing the truth from someone that is dedicated to advancing the Black community and ultimately bringing all races together.

Todd A. Smith
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