The Divinity Of Devastation

Utter destruction,
Lives ripped apart.
Leadership with no instruction
Arrows piercing the heart.
Fear plus chaos,
Looters in the streets.
The smell of charred bodies,
Sweltering in the heat.
Drugs, Death, Suicide and Rape;
Camping out on rooftops pleading for an escape.
He budget cut our levees to chase Iraqi goons.
Now to cover his ass he’s throwing money at the moon.
Murder and madness;
Terror filled sadness.
Test of character mired in shame.
Fingers pointed in Viagra like erectness deflecting the blame.
Mothers and their babies now separated at birth.
A whole population of color removed from their earth.

Atlantis, underwater, drowned left for dead.
But resuscitation takes time; she’s merely sleeping instead.
They came by caravans to her rescue with an outpouring of love.
They remembered how she reached out to them for 9-11 like a glove.
They remembered their first carnival and how they danced in the streets.
They remembered Dookie Chase and the soulful food they would eat.
They remembered Essence and Jazz and how they shook the ground.
They remembered Audubon Zoo, the elephants and clowns.

Images of babies 99 degrees and weak.
Images of old folks all day at the shelter without even a seat.
People were amazed at their ability to endure.
Yeah we got a few fools, but they’re the minority for sure.
Burn it down.
Doze it over.
Wash it away.
You must be losing your mind the birthplace of jazz is here to stay.
We’ve rebuilt before and we’ll rebuild again.
It may take a generation.
Here’s an invitation to our housewarming in 2015.
To all our friends who helped to replant our dreams.

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