Where did it all go wrong?

A world with so much promise

Has turned into a world headed for destruction.

It seems people are more interested in rights

Than in doing what is right.

Where did it all go wrong?

Have we all forgotten

That the blueprint of life

Resonates in Christ’s holy word?

Oh, father forgive us

For we know not what we do

We take prayer out of schools

And wonder why morals have been replaced by guns

We forget what the purpose of marriage is

And wonder what the purpose of pestilence is

We forget that violence should be avoided

And vengeance is yours

But are surprised when vengeance

Is taken out against our

Brothers and sisters overseas

Where did it all go wrong?

Father forgive us for our disobedience

Forgive us for our religious selfishness

We ask for your salvation

Not only for certain individuals

But salvation for the entire world


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