Remember Our Childhood

Remember our childhood

When we all played together

Despite our different physical appearance

Oblivious to what our elders thought

About the matter

All we knew

Were similarities in our personalities

Never thinking about the differences in our cultures

We all wanted the same things from our childhood

And that similarity was all that mattered

I guess our perception of the world

Has changed drastically since our carefree youth

As we put much more emphasis

On what we are

As opposed to who we are

However in all actuality

Not that much has changed

Since the days of our youth

When we had so much in common

That our friendship was undeniable

Even though we may fail to realize it

We still want the same things

That we aspired for during our childhood

Happiness, the comfort of a loved one

And peace, are all that binds humankind

Although we have become more intelligent

And more wise in certain walks of life

We’ve taken a step backwards

When it comes to accepting the differences of others

Maybe, before we lean towards prejudice

We should remember our childhood

And discover that we are all the same underneath.

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