Much Obliged

It is hard to imagine a time

When opportunity was not available to all.

It is difficult to envision an era

When it was not possible for

All to reach for the sky.

The hard fought battles of yesteryear

Have long been forgotten by today’s generation.

However, we are much obliged to those

Who paved the way for equality for all citizens of this nation.


In every city, community, and family

There are those who sacrificed so that

Their children and grandchildren could

Enjoy the fruits of their labor.

I have heard stories passed down

From generation to generation

On front porches and church stoops

Across this great land

Of how our predecessors put their livelihood

And their very existence in danger

So that those after them would enjoy

The dignity of being first-class citizens.


Stories of mothers and grandmothers

Shouldering the extra workload

So their children could benefit

From an education that was not available to them,

Knowing that the victories they won

Might not be enjoyed firsthand.

To my ancestors of this nation,

I say thank you.

Thank you for sacrificing

So your children and grandchildren would not have to.

Your struggles will never be forgotten

And for that we are much obliged.

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