Father Figure

A lot can be said

About the disappearing acts

Of some fathers in today’s households

When the only male role models

Some see on a regular basis

Are handcuffed in the back of a cop car

A lot can be said

About the fact that young men

Are more celebrated

When they’ve served their term in prison                                                                       

Than those who have served

Four school terms in college

Some don’t even know that

There is more out there

Than petty crimes and incarceration

A lot can be said

About today’s youth

When more desire street knowledge

Than academic knowledge

We wonder why there’s not

More professionals in some of our communities

When the opportunity for success

Is available for all

Who aspire for greatness

If only our young brothers

Could see that there were people

Who are just like them

In high places throughout corporate America

If only young boys had father figures

To show them how to be

Productive young men

The ceiling over so many young lives

Would be completely torn down

And they would finally

Be able to reach for those stars in the sky.

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