NuVibe Media Group Launches Internet Radio Network

Citing the need to develop a vehicle to collaborate with Black newspapers and Black-owned businesses in empowering Black listeners and re-directing Black commerce, The NuVibe Media Group has launched its online radio network,

“We’re very excited about this venture,” said co-owner Charles Lowman. “We want to celebrate the great legacy of Black America’s creative musical genius by showcasing the best of the past and the promise of today’s artists and marry this with our commitment to use this medium of broadcast media to inform our people about issues that are germane to us and promoting the re-directing of Black spending capital. Music is very much a part of our culture. The same can be said of consumerism. However we shouldn’t continue to commit social and cultural suicide by promoting music and imagery that denigrate our people. Likewise, we can neither afford to continue on this path of economic suicide by spending the great majority of our dollars with others instead of with us.”

The network streams music, news, and talk show programs through its custom media player 24 hours, 7 days a week. NuVibe Radio currently has five genres, namely – Classic Jazz, Old School (R&B/Soul/Funk of the 70s, 80s and 90s), Hip-Hop, Gospel Soul, and News/Talk. In April, the network is slated to increase listener choices to seven genres by adding R&B/Soul and Fusion Jazz stations. Listeners access the media player by selecting a city landing page from the “tune in” menu and clicking the “tune in” button placed on a city landing page. The landing pages feature a graphical skyline of the designated city, local weather, a local news feed, and advertising banners. A mobile application for cell phones, promotional competitions, and a concert series are under development. Details will be announced soon.

“ presents a unique set of opportunities for Black media, our valued listeners and our advertising partners,” remarked marketing director Jihad Sharif. “The basic underlying component of our business plan is the creation and development of strategic partnerships with local Black newspapers in each major Black market. This will provide listeners with a daily feed of important news that impacts their particular city; thus establishing new value and exposure for that city’s perennial Black media and its new ‘city news’ partner, In effect, our network will be a conduit through which businesses can cross-promote in our targeted local markets, as well as nationally. This will be greatly enhanced with the addition of our mobile application for cell phones and portable hand held devices.” offers a range of strategically-placed banner ads, (as low as $40 per month) as well as an expanded Black business directory for only $10 per month. At $3 per minute, in-stream audio commercials can target listeners across the entire network or by specific genre.

“At nearly a trillion dollars, Black America spending wealth is the 17th largest economy in the world. In order to capitalize on this wealth we must begin to strategically redirect our spending, by developing new and effective alliances between Black business and Black media., is committed to establishing cooperatives that create win-win alliances for Black business and consumers,” said Mr. Sharif.

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