Some men do not know the difference between good girls or bad girls.  Can you tell the difference?

Good Girls or Bad Girls


The good, the bad and the ugly


There is a saying that goes, “Good girls wear white cotton undergarments, and bad girls don’t wear any.”

Although humorous, claims like this have conditioned our society in labeling women into these two categories.

You know, the “good” and “bad” girls of the world. Both come from, and are defined by distinct characteristics. They both operate in two different ways, yet are commonly mistaken.

Nowadays, it has become hard to tell one from the other, especially when there are “bad” girls with “good” girl tendencies, and vice versa. So this muddies the waters when trying to separate good girls or bad girls.


The Darling


The “darling” of the two usually comes from a good family and wants to carry on those family values in her own life.

Because of that, most men would choose her for the long term agenda. There is security in a woman who knows how to play her position and follow the rules of monogamy.

No one questions good girl motivations or their choices, and when they fall, they have all of society to stand behind them and back them up.  Not to mention, they bring positive vibes to a man’s life.

Fred “V easy” V states, “I consider myself not the brightest dude…Got married to a very honest, great, good girl… I am so glad because she balances my life.”

Good girls are the ones that define what it is to be a woman, plain and simple. However, sometimes the ones that society labels “good” are usually the more rotten of the two.

In the words of radio personality Samantha Vallejo, “Good girls can have bad girl tendencies.  Most men will be blind to this and stuck in a world of confusion.”  



 The Darling Nikki


The “Darling Nikkis” of the world are like the forbidden fruit. The taste, texture, and consistency of the bad girl can drive a man wild in ways that can go against his better judgment.

Interestingly enough, bad girls have a heart. If you are fortunate to get pass her guard, there is a genuine side that most men never get to see. It shows that not all bad girls are vicious, and that they are just as human as the “good girl.”  

Unfortunately, these women do not operate in society’s standard of what a “good girl” should be. Because of that, the bad girl is usually best for the short term agenda.

But some men will play the waiting game in hopes that things will go north. They will campaign and roll out the red carpet in order to turn them in to a housewife. At the end of the day, it usually never works.

Bad girls do not like the feeling of submission or being controlled by a man.  Therefore, it will always be a power struggle.  

According to an subscriber, bad girls are hazardous. “I’ve been in various sorts of relationships with both ‘good girls’ and ‘bad girls.’ Bad girls are fun initially, but I’ve always found that dating them, with any seriousness, required too much energy.”


Looks can be deceiving


This is why it’s hard to classify women as looks can be quite deceiving.

On the surface what you see usually is not what you get and most men never realize this. The good girls are morally unquestionable, despite their bad girl tendencies. The bad girls, although human, live life without boundaries.

But the moral of the story is you must know what you want, good girls or bad girls. If you are more of a short term guy, the bad girl may suit you best. If you are looking for a long term woman, then you are better off with a good girl.

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