Pro-Life and All Lives Matter was Just Nonsense For Some

Bumper stickers often show a person’s political leanings.

Many on the right have stickers on their automobiles that read pro-life and All Lives Matter.

However, this week many conservatives have shown that they are not pro-life at all.

Furthermore, they have also shown that all lives do not really matter to them at all.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick made one of the most idiotic and foolish statements any human being has made in the history of Western civilization, let alone a politician or a leader.

Lt. Gov. Patrick said that many senior citizens would sacrifice their lives so that the economy would not suffer.

To Patrick, senior citizens would gladly die so that the money coming into businesses and corporations would not die because of the spread of the coronavirus.

He implied that the elderly would not want to continue living if they left behind a bad economy for their grandchildren.

He must be just speaking about conservative White Americans, because there is no way on Earth that anyone else would believe something that ignorant.

Now, before we get started with this quarantine editorial, I need to make it clear that I am conservative on a lot of issues like abortion, fiscal issues and marriage.

Therefore, this article is not an attempt to bash conservatives.

But what in the world is Patrick talking about?


Many Republicans pride themselves on being pro-life when it comes to saving the lives of unborn babies and that is great.


Many Republicans yelled All Lives Matter or even Blue Lives Matter when Black Lives Matter activists protested the killings of unarmed Black men in the street, which is really the epitome of racism and White privilege.


But if all lives truly matter, why aren’t my mother, father, aunts and uncles included in that.


I’ll be dammed if I let anyone in my family give their lives so that billionaires can remain billionaires and a buffoon named President Donald Trump can remain in the White House for a second term.


Patrick is obviously not alone in his ignorance.


President Trump takes the crown for ignorance with his obvious desire to put people’s lives on the line so that a good economy could boost his reelection bid.


It is time for America, and all 5o states and cities within those cities, to have leaders that will sacrifice their political career for the benefit of the people they serve.


That, in essence, is true leadership.


Often, America looks to the wrong people for guidance and leadership and it is sickening at times.


What is more sickening is that some conservative politicians have cult-like followers who will co-sign the type of ignorance that has come out of Patrick and Trump’s mouths over the years.


Patrick’s comments are so out-of-touch with reality that he needs to spend time with some real Americans who struggle from paycheck-to-paycheck to see if they are willing to throw their lives away so that corporations can continue to make record profits.


I can remember vividly how well the economy did during the two terms of former President Ronald Reagan.


Many Americans lived high on the hog.


Unfortunately, many poor Black and Brown (and even poor White) people struggled mightily under Reaganomics.


As always, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer.


I can remember vividly my mother taking her pay raises and giving it to my maternal grandmother because the poor got nothing under that “great” economy, while the rich enjoyed their yachts and vacation homes.


I can remember my mother giving old carpet to my aunt for her apartment because while her bosses enjoyed the good life, my aunt struggled to make ends meet in Fifth Ward, Texas, as the neighborhood is affectionately known in Houston.


I can remember my cousins in Kentwood, La. wearing my hand-me downs.


Additionally, I can remember my father giving my paternal grandmother old furniture because she could not afford it herself as an elderly lady.


The economy was great in the 1980s for rich and middle class Americans, especially those of the majority race.


Not so much for poor Black folks.


If the economy of the 1980s hit a rough patch like the economy has because of COVID-19, do you think I would have asked my grandmothers and aunt to die so that the economy could be great when I grow up?


Get the heck out of here.


Anytime a person puts profits and political power before the lives of their people, they are unfit to serve.


Luckily, the COVID-19 crisis has shown Americans how real leaders take a stand for their constituents.


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has shown what true leadership is about.


Former Vice President Joe Biden has shown what true leadership is about.


Leaders, especially those that are rich and elite, do not ask the poor people of America to make sacrifices so that the so-called leader can benefit.


Real leaders make those sacrifices so that their people can benefit even if it means losing an election.


True leaders will not ask people to lose their lives just so that the rich and powerful will not lose their wealth.


Losing an election means nothing when people are losing their lives.


People have given their lives in the past in war so that America could prosper.


But back in the day, young people volunteered to serve their country and save the world like the greatest generation during World War II.


Young able-bodied people made sacrifices so that the elderly could live their golden years in peace.


Now, America has imbeciles in leadership positions asking for the opposite.


That just proves how great America is not.

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