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Carrying the Load



Last week, RegalMag.com stated that actor David Oyelowo carried the film “Gringo.”

Actress Alicia Vikander must have gotten that memo and felt some kind of way about it, because she too carries her latest film, “Tomb Raider.”

And as rapper Webbie would say, her character Lara Croft is a bad chick.

“Tomb Raider” begins with the tale of the ancient spirit known as Himiko.

At one time, the aforementioned spirit unleashed evil on the world in catastrophic proportions.

Thankfully, people in ancient times found a way to “kill off” Himiko and entomb her body in the remote tombs of uninhabited portions of Asia.

As long as Himiko remains entombed, her evil will remain dormant.

Unfortunately, if Himiko is released the world will experience malevolent terror on a scale in which it is has never seen before.

Although Lara’s father Lord Richard Croft (Dominic West, “The Wire”) has taught her the horrific realities of Himiko for her entire life, she seems unconvinced.

Lara also seems unconvinced that her father is actually dead, even though he has been missing for over seven years.

She even refuses to sign death in absentia papers, even though it would make her extremely wealthy and allow her to quit her job as a courier.

When Lara finally decides to sign the death papers, she finds some clues left for her by her father in the case of his death.

The clues inform her about his research into Himiko.

From the grave, Richard instructs Lara to destroy all of his records dealing with Himiko.

Richard warns her that if those notes on Himiko fall into the wrong hands, it could mean destruction and devastation across the planet.

However, the ever-inquisitive Lara does not fully follow his instructions and possibly puts the world in danger because of her act of disobedience.

“Tomb Raider” does not break any new ground but is still successful because of the performances by Vikander, West and Daniel Wu who portrays the ship captain, Lu Ren.

In a way, the film “Tomb Raider” follows the script of a superhero movie, despite being an adventure/action/fantasy type movie.

There is an evil spirit present that puts the world at danger.

There are the requisite bad guys determined to wreak havoc on a somewhat peaceful word.

And you have heroes like Lara trying to save the day.

But what other Hollywood formulaic movies lack is Vikander, the actress born to play the role of the fearless Lara Croft.

Vikander’s performances during her fighting scenes are great.

The bicycle scene at the beginning of “Tomb Raider” is exciting and dangerous.

Lara is even a beast with a bow and arrow.

But Lara is exceptional because Vikander is exceptional in this role.

The role is tailor made for her like Jason Bourne was tailor made for Matt Damon.

And like Damon and Oyelowo before her, Vikander is all that is needed to carry the load and make “Tomb Raider” an enjoyable experience.








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