Regal Queens

Name: Paige T. 

Age: 27

Hometown: Katy, Texas

Occupation:  Dermatologist Veterinary Technician, Model, student, and mom!!

     What are some of your hobbies?

 I enjoy reading, modeling, shopping, playing volleyball, and going to plays and/or musicals!!

    What are some turn-offs or deal breakers in a relationship? 

Some turn off’s or deal breakers, for me, is when a man agrees with everything I say. I like my man to be independent and sure of himself!!!   It’s really sexy when a man is  secure  and confident.  



     Describe your ideal Black man.

My ideal man would be secure with himself, romantic, sensitive to my needs, fun, athletic, VERY intelligent, decisive,  and has experienced  different trials and tribulations in his life. I love to travel, so some one who likes to travel would be nice. I love when a man is goal oriented and ambitious. To have dreams and aspiration is a huge turn on for me!!!…  I’m still waiting on my Mr. Right to find me. I refuse to go out and look for him. When it’s meant for our paths to cross, they will. Until then I’m going to enjoy single womanhood!!!!


      Describe your ideal date.

My ideal deal date would be simple.    I would like dinner and a movie.    Having dinner and a movie is simple and simplicity is my motto.  A simple date does not have high expectations, but if those expectations aren't met, then  in some way we are let down.  I like to get a feel for that person. I firmly believe first impressions are lasting impressions!!!! 

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