Would You Date a Woman Who Posed Topless?

By Todd A. Smith

            When you think of your dream girl, what comes to mind?  Is it intelligence?  Is it physical beauty?  Is it a deep spiritual foundation?

            What if you met a girl who met all of your standards, but had previously posed topless or nude?  Would that change your impression of her or would you still see the same enduring qualities that initially caught your eye?

            “No, I couldn’t do that,” said Donald Jarrell, 28, of Houston.  “If you were just dealing with a girl and she’s new to your team, then it’s kind of alright.  But if she’s your bottom or main girl, that can’t happen.”

            However, R.S., 28, also of Houston, said it is OK if his girlfriend posed topless, “as long as it was done in good taste … and she had control of the photo shoot and control of what is shown.”

            Although R.S. would support his girlfriend posing topless, he believes it is unacceptable for any woman he dates to pose nude.

            Nevertheless, Jeremy Sadoff, 28, of Melbourne, Fla., said he would totally support his wife if she posed topless or nude.

            Sadoff said he would not mind at all if his friends were able to see his wife nude stating, “If she wanted to I would let her.”

            Eric Halvorsen, 29, of Houston said in order for him to feel comfortable with his wife posing topless or nude it would have to be for a substantial amount of money and for a respected publication like Playboy.

            “The money would have to be so much that neither one of us would ever have to work again, because if not, your old lady just became a stripper and you are pimping,” Halvorsen explained.

            Jarrell believes that women who use exotic dancing and posing as a means to fund their college education are just looking for an easy excuse.

            “That’s something to think about, but there are so many ways someone can find finances for school.  People just need to take time to research different scholarships and financial assistance, than to pose for money … That’s just the best excuse they can come up with,” he said.

            Bruce Smith, 44, of San Antonio, said he would not have a problem with dating a woman who had posed as a means to fund her education or career.  He also said he would not have a problem with dating a celebrity who had posed topless or nude in a mainstream movie.

            “If she posed before our relationship, I would not have a problem with it.  But I would see no reason for it during our relationship,” Smith said.

            Jarrell said he has befriended girls who have posed nude or been involved with exotic dancing, but cannot see anything beyond a friendship with such women.

            He said, “I could never value and treasure them … Even if they changed their life that sticks with you.  The only thing they could be recognized as is some cool chicks that the fellas could kick it with and hang out.” 

            “But as far as being with me or you’re gonna love me or marry me, that ain’t happening.”

Smith is publisher of Regal Black Men’s Magazine.

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