Gifts Fit for a Queen


            Greetings and Happy Holidays!  It’s that time of the year again.  The holidays are approaching and that means shopping for that special someone in your life.  Let Regal Magazine assist you in making this year’s gift-giving a pleasurable and memorable one for all involved.

            No matter what your budget may be, there is sure to be something on the list that will bring a smile not only to the receiver’s face but also the giver’s wallet.

            With that, keep in mind that women like gifts that show that some thought went into it and it is a reflection of them and their uniqueness.  So if possible, stay away from gift cards and start preparing now while there is still some time left.

            Here are a few of this season’s favorites:

Victoria’s Secret

            Not just lingerie anymore, Victoria’s Secret also has fragrances and make-up and other little secrets that are sure to be a hit.  (FYI: Only buy lingerie if you know your lady’s size.  Do not offend her by purchasing something that will not fit.  And remember, you are buying her something that SHE likes.  Save your wants for Valentine’s Day!)

            Victoria’s Secret is probably the only gift card that she can use and will probably approve without any problems.

            What woman wouldn’t love something from VS?  And lucky for you, the pretty paper and bag is wrapping in itself.


            With all of Hollywood coming out with their own fragrances, from Beyonce to Diddy to Usher, this season there is sure to be one on your lady’s list.  Fragrances can be tricky if you do not know what you are doing.  Ask yourself these questions to help select the one that best suits her and is a reflection of her personality.

1)      What scents please her?  (Musk, floral, fruity, oriental, spices, sporty)

2)      What fragrance has she worn in the past?

3)      Does the scent match who she is or could you replace the name of the fragrance with her name?

Remember, the fragrance consultants are there to help you.  If you were able to

answer the three questions, they should be able to recommend the fragrance that the lady in your life will love and will make you think of her every time you smell it.


            Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend.  If diamonds are a bit steep for your budget, opt for something a little “less flashy.” There are so many outlet stores throughout the country today with beautiful pieces of jewelry, but for a fraction of the price.  Also, there are plenty of jewelry stores that are running various sales because of the holidays.

            A nice, personal touch would be to have something engraved on it.  Check with the jeweler to see if you still have time.


            A day of relaxation and pampering from head to toe would definitely make her feel like the queen she is.  There are several “packages” you can choose from that range in different prices.  Ask around for spas that cater to the needs of your lady. 

            Request to leave the “day of service” blank so she can pick a day that would accommodate her schedule.  A nice touch would be to make reservations at her favorite restaurant afterwards, and make the day all about her.

            If you are lucky, your thoughtfulness may help you benefit from her day by ending it with some pampering that she brings upon you.

Tickets to a Show/Concert/Play

            Are any good events coming your way?  Is it something or someone that your lady has been dying to see?

            Tickets are great “stocking stuffers” and women love to go to events with their man.  Splurge a little on “good seats.” Even if shows are not your cup of tea and you would rather be somewhere else, imagine how happy you would make her.

            In addition, you are showing an interest in what she likes!

Coupon Book

            This one is a favorite and it will not cost you a thing!  OK, this is where your creativity kicks in.  You set the rules on this one and be specific. 

            Make or buy a book.  If you buy one, make sure the pages are blank so you can write on it.  Each page represents a coupon.  Each coupon will represent something that you are willing to do for her.

            Make sure you set expiration dates on it.  Otherwise, she will use it at a time you cannot or will not be available.

            So set the standards once she uses a coupon.  For example:

1)      Dinner passes—allows her to not have to cook that night.  You cook or take the family out for dinner.

2)      Night out with the girls pass—she can have an evening with the girls while you or someone else keeps an eye on the children.

3)      Night of romance pass—you get the idea!

The possibilities are endless, so be creative!

There are so many great gifts out there this season.  But remember, quality has

always been better than quantity.  Showing your mate that you took the time to find something that was thoughtful and reflects her personal style will make this a memorable season for years to come.

            Happy shopping!

Smith is a writer for Regal Black Men’s Magazine.

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