Why Promote Through Advertorials?

            In an unstable economy, companies and organizations are prudent in the ways in which they spend their advertising dollars.  Reaching the intended audience and paying an affordable price is a constant when making the tough marketing decisions.

            Nevertheless, advertorials have emerged in recent years as a great way to reach a certain demographic in a more creative and permanent way.  Although sold like an ad to companies and organizations, this particular type of advertising is much more descriptive and effective because it is written as a full-fledged article like any other magazine article but details the benefits of doing business with your company or organization.  Purchasing an advertorial in an online publication such as RegalMag.com is even more beneficial than in a print publication because the article will be permanently on the RegalMag.com website and will also be syndicated to other online publications.

            Readers, especially readers of RegalMag.com, are always interested in reading stories on individuals who succeeded against the odds by forming their own companies and organizations.  These stories enable the companies/organizations and the people behind them to come alive.  Readers are able to learn the motivations behind the people and their entity and how their services will specifically benefit them, which is usually not possible with traditional ads.  The organizations become humanized by using advertorials and are seen by potential customers as more than just a corporate entity.

            Purchasing an advertorial with RegalMag.com is simply the way to go in the digital age.  Promoting your organization through our website will give you access to potentially thousands of unique visitors on a daily basis, with links pointed directly to your website, not to mention the thousands more who will hear about your organization as a result of article syndication.

            Although RegalMag.com is considered an online magazine dedicated to issues affecting African American men, the publication has drawn considerable interest from females and all ethnic groups.  Stereotypically, many believe that African American men are not highly educated or affluent, but RegalMag.com has proven this stereotype wrong, proudly boasting a readership of college-educated and middle class men who are eager to spend their money on worthwhile products and organizations.

            Thirty-eight percent of Regal readers earn up to $50,000 annually, while 25 percent earn more than $100,000 per year.  Furthermore, a whopping 57 percent of our readers hold at least a Bachelors degree, while 10 percent and 4 percent hold a Masters or Doctorate, respectively.  Purchasing an advertorial in Regal will allow you to reach a worldwide audience through the Internet, allowing you not to limit your advertising to a particular local market the way print media does.

            And unlike other articles that may be written on your company or organization, advertorials allow you to review the content and work with the author to make sure your entity is presented in the best light possible.

            So why choose advertorials?  The question should be why not?  What other ad will give you a permanent presence on the Internet while exposing your company to new unique visitors on a daily basis?  The answer to all of your questions is purchasing an advertorial with Regalmag.com, and giving your entity guaranteed interest on the web.  Advertorial packages begin for as low as $250 (per 500 words) and will be featured permanently on our site.

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