FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Publisher Raises Money for National Male Talk Show


Houston (April 17, 2015)— publisher Todd A. Smith believes that it is time for men to have the opportunity to talk from their view.

As a result, he recently signed a four-year contract with Funhouse TV for “Regal Roundtable,” national television’s only all male talk show, which will be distributed via video on demand to all DISH and Verizon FIOS subscribers nationwide.

“I describe ‘Regal Roundtable’ as culturally and socioeconomically diverse barbershop conversation because at a barbershop there’s always good conversation and no topic is off limits,” Smith said.

“Regal Roundtable” is a 30-minute video on demand talk show, which will focus on issues like relationships, sports, politics, social issues, health, entertainment and religion.

Furthermore, the show will periodically invite female panelists to the roundtable discussion to debate relationship issues with the male panelists.  These episodes will be known as “Battle of the Sexes.”

Smith, president/CEO of Regal Media Group, LLC is currently raising funds to begin production on season one.

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