Breaking the Major League Baseball color barrier with the then Brooklyn (now Los Angeles) Dodgers should place Jackie Robinson on any Mount Rushmore.

America today is the day.

The World Series.

The Fall Classic.


Today, the Houston Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies square off at Minute Maid Park in Houston for game one of the 2022 World Series.

The team from the “City of Brotherly Love” is the ultimate Cinderella story.

They barely got into the postseason.

But they have made their mark since they received the invite, thanks in part to the exploits of the supremely talented, Bryce Harper.

On the other hand, the Astros wear the black hat as the ultimate villain amongst baseball fans.

This is the golden era of Houston baseball.

But to many, the gold is fake because of the sign-stealing scandal that tarnished their 2017 World Series victory against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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Therefore, we cannot really hear the hate from the other 49 states in the Union because we have too much champagne clogging our ears after so many locker room celebrations over the last six years.

Yes, this is the Astros’ fourth trip to the Fall Classic in the last six years, and fifth overall trip to the World Series.

And the Astros have swept so many teams that many fans have forgotten what it feels like to lose a game, let alone an entire series.

So, no matter what the outside world says, stars like Jose Altuve, Yordan Alvarez, Justin Verlander and Kyle Tucker have solidified themselves as legends in the “H.”

But what about the legends of the cities that are not the fourth and sixth largest cities in the Union?

Many franchises have storied histories that go back much further than recent years.

In honor of the 2022 Fall Classic, the staff at discussed and debated who deserves to be on the Mount Rushmore for each franchise.

One rule is that a player cannot appear on more than one Mount Rushmore.

Therefore, Nolan Ryan’s time with the California Angels will not get any love.

Reggie Jackson’s time with the, recently swept out of the playoffs by the Astros, New York Yankees will not receive any love.

And Pete Rose’s time with the Phillies will not get any love either.

So, now that that’s out of the way.

Feast your eyes on the beautiful creation known as the Mount Rushmore of Major League Baseball (MLB), multiplied by the 30 for each MLB franchise.

As with any list, let the publication know what it got right and where the staff lost their ever-loving minds.

Houston Astros—Jose Altuve (second base), Jeff Bagwell (first base), Craig Biggio (second base/catcher/centerfield) and Nolan Ryan (pitcher)

New York Yankees—Derek Jeter (shortstop), Babe Ruth (outfield), Lou Gehrig (first base), Mickey Mantle (centerfield/first base)

San Francisco Giants—Willie Mays (centerfield), Barry Bonds (leftfield), Willie McCovey (first base/leftfield), Mel Ott (rightfield/third base)

Los Angeles Dodgers—Jackie Robinson (second base/third base/first base), Sandy Koufax (pitcher), Kirk Gibson (outfield), Clayton Kershaw (pitcher)

Minnesota Twins—Kirby Puckett (centerfield), Rod Carew first base/second base), Harmon Killebrew (first base/third base/leftfield), Tony Oliva (rightfield)  

Cincinnati Reds—Johnny Bench (catcher), Joe Morgan (second base), Pete Rose (outfield/first base/third base), Barry Larkin (shortstop)

Boston Red Sox—Roger Clemens (pitcher), David Ortiz (designated hitter/first base), Ted Williams (leftfield), Carl Yastrzemski (third base/first base)

Oakland Athletics—Rickey Henderson (leftfield), Reggie Jackson (rightfield), Jim “Catfish” Hunter (pitcher), Dennis Eckersley (pitcher)

San Diego Padres—Tony Gwynn (rightfield), Dave Winfield (rightfield), Ken Caminiti (third base), Garry Templeton (shortstop) 

Los Angeles Angels—Mike Trout (centerfield), Shohei Ohtani (pitcher/designated hitter/outfield), Chuck Finley (pitcher), Tim Salmon (rightfield)

Pittsburgh Pirates—Roberto Clemente (right field), Willie Stargell (leftfield/first base), Bill Mazeroski (second base), Honus Wagner (shortstop/rightfield/first base)

St. Louis Cardinals—Ozzie Smith (shortstop), Lou Brock (leftfield), Bob Gipson (pitcher), Stan Musial (outfield/first base)

Chicago Cubs—Cap Anson (first base/third base/catcher), Ernie Banks (first base/shortstop), Ryne Sandburg (second base), Sammy Sosa (rightfield)

Baltimore Orioles—Frank Robinson (outfield/first base), Cal Ripken Jr. (shortstop/third base), Eddie Murray (first base), Brooks Robinson (third base)

Miami Marlins—Giancarlo Stanton (outfield/designated hitter), Miguel Cabrera (first base/third base/leftfield), Hanley Ramirez (shortstop/first base/third base), Josh Johnson (pitcher)

Detroit Tigers—Justin Verlander (pitcher), Ty Cobb (centerfield), Alan Trammell (shortstop), Al Kaline (rightfield/first base),

Washington Nationals—Vladimir Guerrero, Sr. (rightfield), Gary Carter (catcher), Max Scherzer (pitcher), Bryce Harper (rightfield)

Philadelphia Phillies—Mike Schmidt (third base/first base), Steve Carlton (pitcher), Chase Utley (second base), Jimmy Rollins (shortstop)

Chicago White Sox—Tim Raines (leftfield), Frank Thomas (designated hitter/first base), Luke Apling (third base/shortstop), Mark Buehrle (pitcher)

Atlanta Braves—Hank Aaron (rightfield/first base), Greg Maddox (pitcher), Tom Glavine (pitcher), Chipper Jones (third base/leftfield)

Seattle Mariners—Ken Griffey Jr. (centerfield), Randy Johnson (pitcher), Tino Martinez (first base), Alex Rodriguez (shortstop)

New York Mets—Tom Seaver (pitcher), Keith Hernandez (first base), Mike Piazza (catcher), Darryl Strawberry (rightfield)

Cleveland Guardians—Bob Feller (pitcher), Albert Belle (left field), Tris Speaker (centerfield), Jim Thome (first base/designated hitter/third base)

Toronto Blue Jays—Carlos Delgado (first base), Roberto Alomar (second base), Jose Bautista (rightfield/third base), Roy Halladay (pitcher)

Tampa Bay Rays—David Price (pitcher), Carl Crawford (leftfield), Evan Longoria (third base), Ben Zobrist (second base/rightfield/shortstop)

Kansas City Royals—George Brett (third base/first base), Salvador Perez (catcher), Bret Saberhagen (pitcher), Willie Wilson (outfield)

Texas Rangers—Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez (catcher), Adrian Beltre (third base), Michael Young (shortstop/third base/second base), Buddy Bell (third base/outfield)

Milwaukee Brewers—Robin Yount (shortstop/centerfield), Paul Molitor (designated hitter/third base/second base), Cecil Cooper (first base), Prince Fielder (first base)

Arizona Diamondbacks—Paul Goldschmidt (first base), Luis Gonzales (left field), Curt Schilling (pitcher), Zack Greinke (pitcher)

Colorado Rockies—Charlie Blackmon (outfield), Troy Tulowitzki (shortstop), Todd Helton (first base), Larry Walker (rightfield/first base)

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