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Will Packer Responds to Sexist Label for 'Think' Franchise

by Todd A. Smith

Will Packer appears in Houston for “Think Like a Man Too” premiere (Photo Credit: Regal Media Group/Tim Wells).

Women and Men Should Relate to Each Other

        Film producer Will Packer has made a name for himself in Hollywood in a few short years.

          The Florida A&M University graduate can boast about successful films like “Takers,” “Ride Along” and “Trois.”

          However, it was the breakout hit “Think Like a Man” that cemented his status as the next big producer of films.

          Nevertheless, with success comes criticism.

          Recently, Packer spoke to about critics who say it is sexist for a woman to have to think like a man.

RM: What do you say to critics who say it’s sexist for a woman to have to think like a man?

WP: You know what I would say. You don’t have to think like a man, but you have to know how to identify with a man. Men also need to understand women.  It’s really about couples wanting to be relatable.

RM: “Think Like a Man” was based on Steve Harvey’s first book, “Act Like a Lady, Think a Man.”  How much did you pull from Harvey’s second book “Straight Talk, No Chaser” for “Think Like a Man Too?”

WP:  You know what, the first one was really about relationships (staying) together.  With this one, it’s about can these couples survive Vegas.  That’s really what it’s about.  It’s a sequel, so the expectations are a lot higher.

This article was published on Friday 20 June, 2014.
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