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Regal Queens Presents Model April Nicole

Name: April Nicole     

Age: 23

Hometown:  Baton Rouge, La.

Occupation: Student

What is your experience as a woman of color in the workplace?  Do you face any prejudices?   

As of now, I don’t experience any prejudices

 Is it more difficult to date Black men, as a successful woman of color? 

Not really.  Not to me at least.

How do you Black men react to your success?  Are they supportive or intimidated? 

Black men are very supportive of my success.  Black men to me are always happy to see a young Black woman doing well for herself.

Describe your ideal Black man. 

My ideal Black man is God-fearing, intelligent, stylish, has a sense of humor, caring and respectful.

Describe your ideal date. 

My ideal date is cuddling over the covers while watching a romantic comedy at home with the person you care about.

This article was published on Monday 29 October, 2007.
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