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Biden's Crazy Comments Might Be Best Thing to Happen to Campaign by Todd A. Smith
Biden's comments about Black voters should prove to him he does not automatically have Black vote
Published: Saturday 30 May, 2020
Fla., Iowa, Va. Should Follow Ala.'s Lead on Ex-Felon Voting Rights by Todd A. Smith
Lawsuit seeks to place ex-felons back on Ala. voting rolls
Published: Friday 28 July, 2017
President Trump's Meeting With HBCU Presidents Waste of Time by Todd A. Smith
POTUS has to realize African-American community not impressed with photo-ops, press releases
Published: Friday 03 March, 2017
GOP Needs to Do More Than Just Speak at NAACP Convention by Todd A. Smith
To gain respect of Black voters, GOP needs to do more than speak at NAACP convention
Published: Friday 13 July, 2012
Donald Trump Shows Ignorance of Birther Movement by Todd A. Smith
Birther movement preventing Americans from tackling real issues
Published: Thursday 14 April, 2011
President Obama Should Do More for Middle East Democracy by Todd A. Smith
Assisting rebel forces will assist Middle East democracy
Published: Thursday 10 March, 2011
Black Tea Party Adds Diversity to Politics by Todd A. Smith
Black Tea Party shows Blacks not monolithic voters
Published: Thursday 20 January, 2011
New Laws on Immigration Will Lead to Profiling by Todd A. Smith
Arizona's new laws on immigration will result in racial profiling.
Published: Thursday 06 May, 2010
Show the Military Appreciation 365 Days a Year by Todd A. Smith
Miltary appreciation should be displayed daily, not just on holidays.
Published: Thursday 12 November, 2009
Obama's Presidency Not Given Same Respect as Predecessors by Todd A. Smith
Public outrage from the right shows lack of respect for Obama's presidency.
Published: Thursday 17 September, 2009
African Americans in Politics Endure Racial Insults from GOP by Todd A. Smith
African Americans in politics, specifically Barack and Michelle Obama, become victims of racial jokes by GOP leaders.
Published: Thursday 25 June, 2009
Obama Still Catalyst for Change in African American Community? by Todd A. Smith
African American community should be inspired by Obama success.
Published: Thursday 26 March, 2009
When Politically Correct Becomes Incorrect by Todd A. Smith
Politically correct sometimes means being incorrect.
Published: Thursday 28 June, 2007
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