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NFL Cannot Stop Colin Kaepernick's Purpose in Life by Todd A. Smith
Even if NFL does blackball Colin Kaepernick, God has his back
Published: Friday 24 March, 2017
Samuel L. Jackson's 'Get Out' Comments Only Lead to More Divisions in Community by Todd A. Smith
Black community faces enough discrimination from others to discriminate against each other
Published: Friday 17 March, 2017
Slavery Comments Like Dr. Ben Carson's Attempt to Whitewash History by Todd A. Smith
Dr. Ben Carsonís statement on slavery especially troubling because many attempting to deny horrors of slavery
Published: Friday 10 March, 2017
President Trump's Meeting With HBCU Presidents Waste of Time by Todd A. Smith
POTUS has to realize African-American community not impressed with photo-ops, press releases
Published: Friday 03 March, 2017
Stop Saying Celebrities Should Not Discuss Politics by Todd A. Smith
Paying taxes gives celebrities right to discuss politics like every other tax paying citizen
Published: Friday 03 February, 2017
Divisions in Black Community Began Long Before Slavery, Willie Lynch Letter by Todd A. Smith
Divisions in Black community began in Africa because of tribal differences
Published: Friday 27 January, 2017
Shifting American Demographics Threaten White Male Supremacy by Hassan Rogers
Alt right movement White male backlash to increased American diversity, progress
Published: Friday 30 December, 2016
Replace Alt-Right, White Nationalism with White Supremacy by Todd A. Smith
Stripping voting rights like Steve Bannon has suggested epitome of White supremacy
Published: Friday 02 December, 2016
Justice Clarence Thomas Deserves Inclusion in African American Museum by Todd A. Smith
If Thomas excluded for political ideals, many Black heroes deserve exclusion too
Published: Friday 28 October, 2016
Black Folks, Stop Misusing Black Stereotypes Like Coon by Todd A. Smith
Black stereotypes like coon do not mean what some think they mean
Published: Friday 16 September, 2016
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