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National Anthem Kneeling Not Disrespectful Gesture by Todd A. Smith
Kneeling usually seen as gesture of respect, commitment and submission
Published: Friday 13 October, 2017
Americans, Do Not Wait For Tragedies To Unite by Todd A. Smith
Americans should stay united even when things seem well
Published: Friday 06 October, 2017
NFL Stars Should Avoid Teams That Did Not Condemn Trump by Todd A. Smith
If NFL owners condone Trump's divisive comments, NFL players should not condone owners lack of action
Published: Friday 29 September, 2017
By Not Playing Super Bowl, Jay-Z Shows He Will Not Be NFL's Token by Todd A. Smith
Rapper Jay-Z allegedly turns down Super Bowl performance to show solidarity with former QB Colin Kaepernick
Published: Friday 22 September, 2017
Hurricane Harvey Affected Pastors, Christians Too by Todd A. Smith
Criticism of Christian pastors like Joel Osteen in Hurricane Harvey aftermath unfair, uninformed
Published: Friday 01 September, 2017
White, Christian, Trump Supporter's View on Confederate Statues by Mike Jones
White, evangelical Christian, Trump supporter gives his opinion on effort to remove Confederate statues
Published: Friday 18 August, 2017
White Lives Matter? Thought All Lives Mattered by Todd A. Smith
Response to Black Lives Matter was often All Lives Matter; response to White Live Matter therefore should be same
Published: Friday 18 August, 2017
Like African-Americans, Cops Should Not Be Painted With Broad Brush by Todd A. Smith
Like all groups, there are good, bad police officers
Published: Friday 07 July, 2017
Washington NFL Team Name Legal But Not Morally Right by Todd A. Smith
Washington NFL team nickname should change to Red Cloud
Published: Friday 23 June, 2017
NFL Cannot Stop Colin Kaepernick's Purpose in Life by Todd A. Smith
Even if NFL does blackball Colin Kaepernick, God has his back
Published: Friday 24 March, 2017
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