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Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Unfit to Serve if Profits Come Before People by Todd A. Smith
Dan Patrick implies that elderly would willingly die to help economy during COVID-19 pandemic
Published: Friday 27 March, 2020
Myon Burrell Another Victim of Injustice, Political Aspirations by Todd A. Smith
Sen. Amy Klobucher wants independent counsel to review Myon Burrellís conviction
Published: Friday 06 March, 2020
Choices: College Multicultural Centers Unnecessary at HBCUs by Todd A. Smith
Multicultural centers at PWIs should bring races together, not further racial divide
Published: Friday 21 February, 2020
Gayle King, Snoop Dogg Rift Shows Black Community Still House Divided by Todd A. Smith
Snoop Dogg offers apology to Gayle King after choice words for journalist
Published: Friday 14 February, 2020
DeAndre Arnold's Crusade Will Impact Gender Equality as Much as Natural Hair Rules by Todd A. Smith
Boys like DeAndre Arnold should be allowed to have long hair if girls can
Published: Friday 07 February, 2020
My Only In-Person Encounter With Kobe Bryant by Todd A. Smith
Kobe Bryant, 41, passed in helicopter crash on Jan. 26
Published: Friday 31 January, 2020
In Defense of Tyler Perry: Blacks Need to Stop Worrying About White Acceptance by Todd A. Smith
Critique Tyler Perry, but donít hate on him
Published: Friday 24 January, 2020
My 2019 Testimony by Todd A. Smith
2020 will be your year of breakthrough because 2019 did not break you
Published: Friday 27 December, 2019
An Open Letter to George Zimmerman by Todd A. Smith
George Zimmerman should pay family of Trayvon Martin, not other way around
Published: Friday 06 December, 2019
Rodney Reed Case Reason Death Penalty Should Get Death Penalty by Todd A. Smith
Rodney Reed innocent man fighting for life with help of celebs
Published: Friday 08 November, 2019
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