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Critical Race Theory Would Destroy Privilege, Champion Equality; That's Too Much for Those Who Benefit from Racism by Todd A. Smith
Teaching critical race theory won't make young White students feel guilty; it makes racist adults feel guilty
Published: Friday 14 May, 2021
America Has Always Been Racist, But The People, Not Politicians, Can Fix That by Todd A. Smith
Despite what Scott, Harris and Biden said, America still racist
Published: Friday 30 April, 2021
Some Conservative Media Personalities Should Be Ashamed of Reaction to Chauvin Verdicts by Todd A. Smith
Instead of capitalizing on unifying moment, some conservative media personalities chose to spread divisive rhetoric
Published: Friday 23 April, 2021
What Happened to Nazorio Similar to What Happened to Black Soldiers Returning From World Wars by Todd A. Smith
Serving one’s country means nothing to some that protect, serve if soldier does not have complexion for protection
Published: Friday 16 April, 2021
Asinine to Compare BLM Protests That Turn Violent to Insurrection on Jan. 6 by Todd A. Smith
While all violence wrong, BLM has 402 years of oppression to explain violence, insurrectionists got violent because of lost election
Published: Friday 16 April, 2021
Thanks Minneapolis PD For Holding Rogue Cops Accountable by Todd A. Smith
With so many cops speaking out against Chauvin, America might have reached turning point in community/police relations
Published: Friday 09 April, 2021
If GOP Didn't Have Problem With Cancel Culture in Past, Why Now? by Todd A. Smith
Liberal celebs have gotten canceled for decades because of their politics
Published: Friday 09 April, 2021
Allegations Against Stars Like Deshaun Watson, R. Kelly Do Not Always Equal Conspiracy by Todd A. Smith
Racism not always reason Black stars like Deshaun Watson, others fall from grace
Published: Friday 26 March, 2021
Hateful Words Often Lead to Hateful Action by Todd A. Smith
White supremacist propaganda reached alarming levels in 2020
Published: Friday 19 March, 2021
Black Voter Outreach, Not Voter Suppression Needed for GOP to Rebound by Todd A. Smith
Voter suppression attempts will only lead to more determined Black voters
Published: Friday 26 February, 2021
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