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Rodney Reed Case Reason Death Penalty Should Get Death Penalty by Todd A. Smith
Rodney Reed innocent man fighting for life with help of celebs
Published: Friday 08 November, 2019
LeBron James Takes 'L' With China Comments Despite Stellar Track Record on Issues by Todd A. Smith
LeBron James put profits before people with comments on China
Published: Friday 18 October, 2019
Police, Stop Coercing Black Kids to Get Your Desired Result by Todd A. Smith
Getting Atatiana Jefferson's nephew to say she pointed gun at cop pouring salt on open wound
Published: Friday 18 October, 2019
Missed Jury Duty Shouldn't Result in Missed Freedom, Opportunities by Todd A. Smith
Sending Black man to jail for missed jury duty miscarriage of justice
Published: Friday 11 October, 2019
Salute to Jean Family for Forgiveness Despite Police Brutality, Hatred from Other Blacks by Todd A. Smith
Any Black person who chastises Jeans during time of bereavement embarrassment to race
Published: Friday 04 October, 2019
Lock Him Out Should Replace Lock Her Up Chant by Todd A. Smith
President Donald Trump not worthy of White House
Published: Friday 27 September, 2019
Children Often Show Adults How to Heal Racial Divide by Todd A. Smith
Although racism learned, adults still responsible for unlearning racism
Published: Friday 13 September, 2019
Hollywood Owes Embattled Actor/Filmmaker Nate Parker His Career Back by Todd A. Smith
Nate Parker lost favor in Hollywood when he refused to apologize for a rape he was acquitted of in college
Published: Thursday 05 September, 2019
Own Your Masters; Don't Let Your Masters Own You by Todd A. Smith
Tyler Perry preaches ownership, self-reliance at 2019 BET Awards
Published: Friday 28 June, 2019
Reparations Should Come in Form of Lucrative Endowments for Every HBCU by Todd A. Smith
Reparations for individual descendants of slaves would prove too hard to figure out
Published: Friday 21 June, 2019
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