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Five Sports Stories That Deserve 30 for 30 Treatment by Shane Thomas
ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary series has told many forgotten stories on sports legends
Published: Friday 21 October, 2016
Lacrosse All-Star Kyle Harrison Paving Way for Others by Todd A. Smith
Kyle Harrison recently competed in his sixth Major League Lacrosse All-Star Game
Published: Friday 19 June, 2015
Where are All of the Female Coaches in Male Sports?
Female coaches still find it difficult to find equality when it comes to coaching profession
Published: Friday 25 January, 2013
Beautiful Female Athletes Equal Higher TV Ratings
Popularity of female sports correlates with beautiful female athletes, not talent
Published: Friday 13 April, 2012
Regal's Top 10 Coaches of All Time
Regal lists top 10 coaches in sports history
Published: Friday 24 February, 2012
Two SWAC Athletic Programs Fire Administrators
TSU fires football coach; Southern fires AD
Published: Friday 08 April, 2011
HBCU Sports Update
MEAC suspends athletes; Southern, FAMU to square off on gridiron
Published: Thursday 24 February, 2011
HBCU Sports Talk
Regal shines light on HBCU sports, athletes
Published: Thursday 10 February, 2011
HBCU Sports Spotlight
Regal highlights HBCU sports from across country
Published: Thursday 27 January, 2011
HBCU Sports Report
Covering HBCU sports from SWAC to MEAC
Published: Thursday 20 January, 2011
Profile of Black Skateboarders Rise With Terry Kennedy's Success
Kennedy paving way for other Black skateboarders
Published: Thursday 09 December, 2010
Regal Magazine's Top 10 Sports Legends
Regal readers rank their favorite sports legends
Published: Friday 19 November, 2010
James Stewart Breaks Barriers in Extreme Sport, Super Motocross
African American succeeds and opens doors in super motocross.
Published: Thursday 13 August, 2009
African American Athletes and Lacrosse
African American athletes finding success in the sport of lacrosse
Published: Friday 31 July, 2009
African Americans in Sports: Jackie Robinson of Gymnastics
Ron Galimore, one of many pioneering African Americans in sports
Published: Tuesday 01 July, 2008
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