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Black, White Extremist Groups Wreak Havoc over Fourth of July Weekend by Michael Allen
Published: Friday 09 July, 2021
Summer, Summer, Summertime: Top 10 Cities to Visit This Summer by Michael Allen
Many Americans itching to travel after COVID-19 ruined summer travel plans in 2020
Published: Friday 25 June, 2021
Parents: Remote Learning Giving Young Students Reprieve From Racism by Michael Allen
On average, schools have history of punishing Black students more harshly than White counterparts
Published: Friday 07 May, 2021
Byron Allen Threatens to Sue Ad Agencies for Neglecting Black Press by Michael Allen
Allen wants ad agencies to increase purchase of ad space in Black press by 2 percent
Published: Friday 19 March, 2021
Where One Resides Could Impact One's Quest For Love by Michael Allen
Fla. ranks as best state for singles; Texas ranks second
Published: Friday 05 February, 2021
Master P, Baron Davis in Talks to Purchase Reebok from Adidas by Michael Allen
Deal to buy Reebok would cost Master P, Baron Davis and other investors $2.4 billion
Published: Saturday 02 January, 2021
Soccer Players Protest 'Racist' Remarks From Ref By Walking Off Field by Michael Allen
Athletes from across globe have used platform to protest injustices throughout 2020
Published: Friday 11 December, 2020
Noah Harris Becomes First Black Student Body President at Harvard by Michael Allen
Previously, Noah Harris served as Harvardís head of Undergraduate Council
Published: Friday 27 November, 2020
Best Hip-Hop Songs of All Time From Texas Rappers by Michael Allen
From Geto Boys to Travis Scott, Texas has produced some hip-hop classics
Published: Wednesday 28 October, 2020
Delta Airlines Stands Up To Alleged Racism by Michael Allen
Delta Airlines expressed support of Black Lives Matter movement
Published: Friday 11 September, 2020
Remembering the Legendary Chadwick Boseman by Michael Allen
Chadwick Boseman died on Aug. 28 after four-year colon cancer fight
Published: Friday 04 September, 2020
House Passes Sweeping Police Reform Bill by Michael Allen
Bill stands little chance of success in Senate; President vows to veto bill
Published: Friday 26 June, 2020
Hip-Hop Mogul Master P Continues to Break Down Business Barriers by Michael Allen
Master P has found success with Rap Snacks, Icon Ramen Noodles
Published: Friday 08 May, 2020
No Sports Until 2021? by Michael Allen
Dr. Anthony Fauci: Possible that pro sports have to skip 2020 season
Published: Friday 01 May, 2020
Marc Lamont Hill Raises Money for His Bookstore Employees by Michael Allen
COVID-19 hits small business owners like Marc Lamont Hill extremely hard
Published: Friday 03 April, 2020
Emmerson Buie Jr. Takes Over FBI Chicago Field Office by Michael Allen
Emmerson Buie Jr. previously overaw FBI Field Office in El Paso, Texas
Published: Friday 06 March, 2020
Major League Baseball Will Not Strip Titles Despite Effort of Los Angeles City Council by Michael Allen
Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred said league does not change what happened on field
Published: Friday 24 January, 2020
Keep 2020 New Year's Resolutions Practical by Michael Allen
Trying to stop bad behavior 'cold turkey' does not usually produce desired result
Published: Friday 03 January, 2020
Introducing Rep. Joe Walsh by Michael Allen
Rep. Joe Walsh attempting to become 46th President of the United States of America
Published: Friday 06 December, 2019
Introducing Sen. Elizabeth Warren by Michael Allen
Sen. Elizabeth Warren attempting to become 46th President of the United States of America
Published: Friday 25 October, 2019
Introducing Secretary Julian Castro by Michael Allen
Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro attempting to become 46th President of the United States of America
Published: Friday 23 August, 2019
Suffering Continues in Sudan, South Sudan by Michael Allen
Coverage of crisis in Sudan, South Sudan has not gotten widespread broadcast coverage in America
Published: Friday 05 July, 2019
Pampers Providing Restroom Relief for Fathers by Michael Allen
Pampers installing 5,000 changing stations in menís restrooms across U.S., Canada
Published: Friday 14 June, 2019
I'm So Glad I Gave to an HBCU: Smith Continues Trend of Giving Back to HBCUs by Michael Allen
Wealthy businesspeople, celebrities and foundations have history of giving back to HBCUs
Published: Friday 24 May, 2019
Prince's Estate to Release 'Originals' Album in June by Michael Allen
Prince's 'Originals' composed of his version of songs he wrote for others
Published: Friday 26 April, 2019
From Nipsey Hussle to 2Pac: Honoring Lost Legends of Hip-Hop by Michael Allen
Rap icon Nipsey Hussle fell victim to murder on March 31
Published: Friday 05 April, 2019
Could Not Put Ring On It: Best NBA Teams to Lose in NBA Finals by Michael Allen profiles best NBA teams to not win championship ring
Published: Friday 15 March, 2019
2019 Regal Awards: Honoring Hollywood's Best, Brightest by Michael Allen
Regal Awards given to best movies, actors and director of year
Published: Friday 08 February, 2019
10 Most Inspirational R&B, Hip-Hop Songs Since 1979 by Michael Allen
Inspirational R&B, hip-hop songs can get people through their darkest hour
Published: Friday 25 January, 2019
2018 Regal King Awards: James Shaw, Jr., LeBron James, Marc Lamont Hill and Shaun King by Michael Allen
LeBron James, Marc Lamont Hill and Shaun King receive Regal King of the Year Awards for speaking truth to power; James Shaw, Jr. for heroism
Published: Friday 28 December, 2018
Beto O'Rourke for President? Many Progressives Hope So by Michael Allen
Many see run for White House as logical next step for Beto OíRourke
Published: Friday 23 November, 2018
Houston Cinema Arts Festival Celebrates 10th Anniversary by Michael Allen
Houston Cinema Arts Festival scheduled for Nov. 8-12
Published: Friday 19 October, 2018
Michael Jordan Does More for Community than it Appears by Michael Allen
Michael Jordan donates $2 million for Hurricane Florence relief
Published: Friday 21 September, 2018
Young, Gifted and Black: Remembering Aretha Franklin by Michael Allen
Regal Mag re-examines Aretha Franklinís album, 'Young, Gifted and Black'
Published: Friday 17 August, 2018
Will Female Athletes Ever Make Money Comparable to Male Counterparts? by Michael Allen
Las Vegas Aces Aíja Wilson caused controversy when she compared WNBA salaries to LeBron Jamesí
Published: Friday 13 July, 2018
June 2018 Best Black Music Month Ever by Michael Allen
Published: Friday 22 June, 2018
Obama Advises Potential Candidates About Battling Trump in 2020 by Michael Allen
Former President Barack Obama meets with nine potential candidates for 2020 Democratic presidential nomination
Published: Friday 15 June, 2018
NFL, Politics Continue to Clash by Michael Allen
NFL forces players to stand during National Anthem; some Eagles will visit White House, others will not
Published: Friday 25 May, 2018
Face of East Austin, Texas Changing Because of Gentrification by Michael Allen
Gentrification forcing poor Blacks out of East Austin, which has been predominantly Black since 1920s
Published: Friday 04 May, 2018
Bill Cosby's Fall From Grace Ends In Guilty Verdicts by Michael Allen
Bill Cosby convicted of three counts of aggravated indecent assault
Published: Friday 27 April, 2018
Chance The Rapper Calls Heineken Commercial Racist by Michael Allen
Heineken commercial pulled after complaints
Published: Tuesday 27 March, 2018
Do Healthcare Professionals Treat People Differently By Race? by Michael Allen
Many African-American patients report discrimination, subpar medical treatment based on race
Published: Friday 09 March, 2018
Golden State Warriors Visit African-American Museum, Not White House by Michael Allen
After Stephen Curry said he didnít want to attend White House, Trump rescinded invitation
Published: Friday 02 March, 2018
10 Greatest Debut Albums in Hip-Hip History by Michael Allen
Regal Mag ranks Dr. Dre's 'The Chronic' as best debut rap album in history
Published: Friday 16 February, 2018
Kenneth Chenault Becomes First Black Facebook Board Member by Michael Allen
Former American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault joins board at Facebook
Published: Friday 02 February, 2018
ADL: Most Domestic Terrorist Killings Committed By White Supremacists by Michael Allen
Number of domestic terrorist murders down from 2016
Published: Friday 19 January, 2018
Winter 2018 Fashion Trends For Men by Michael Allen
Old is new once again for Fall 2017, Winter 2018 male fashion
Published: Friday 15 December, 2017
2017; Slave Trade Alive, Well In Libya by Michael Allen
Migrants being sold for hundreds of dollars in modern day Libyan slave trade
Published: Friday 01 December, 2017
African-American Judges With Supreme Court Talent, Potential by Michael Allen
Next African-American Supreme Court justice will follow Thurgood Marshall, Clarence Thomas
Published: Friday 10 November, 2017
Fellas, Do Not Skip Leg Day At Gym by Michael Allen
Several tips, exercises to avoid bird leg syndrome
Published: Friday 06 October, 2017
Los Angeles Renames Columbus Day, Indigenous Peoples Day by Michael Allen
Renaming of Columbus Day comes as Columbus statues vandalized across country
Published: Friday 01 September, 2017
Best In Black Journalism To Gather In New Orleans For NABJ Convention by Michael Allen
2017 NABJ convention scheduled for Aug. 9-13 in New Orleans
Published: Friday 28 July, 2017
Five Must Have Video Games For Fall 2017 by Michael Allen
Some of the best video game series of all time have new installments coming this fall
Published: Friday 07 July, 2017
Five Cities to Visit on Next Family Reunion by Michael Allen
Several cities provide entertainment, education for family reunion
Published: Friday 02 June, 2017
Heavyweight Boxing Has Bright Future Thanks to Joshua, Wilder, Fury, Parker by Michael Allen
With talent, charisma Anthony Joshua, others could rejuvenate heavyweight boxing division
Published: Friday 05 May, 2017
While Hate Crimes Against Christians Increase Globally, America Sees Increase Against Muslims by Michael Allen
In Egypt, 44 Christians killed by ISIS on Palm Sunday; over 100 injured
Published: Friday 14 April, 2017
Media Outlets Debate What Really Happened to Michael Brown by Michael Allen
Court documents, documentary have led some to question validity of Darren Wilsonís testimony, court decision
Published: Friday 17 March, 2017
10 Worst Overall Number One Picks in NBA Draft History by Michael Allen
Picking number one overall in NBA Draft does not always guarantee franchise player
Published: Friday 03 March, 2017
How Would Martin Luther King, Jr. Have Responded to Trump Presidency? by Michael Allen
King would have asked us not to become overcome with bitterness but to challenge President Trump with love
Published: Friday 10 February, 2017
Precedent Setting Legacy of Former First Lady Michelle Obama by Michael Allen
Former First Lady Michelle Obama's legacy will be that of class, dignity, elegance and intelligence
Published: Friday 20 January, 2017
Five Rap Acts Who Should Join Tupac in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by Michael Allen
Inclusion of rappers in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame still controversial for some
Published: Friday 30 December, 2016
Win Free Passes to Advance Screening of 'Hidden Figures' Starring Taraji P. Henson by Michael Allen
'Hidden Figures' opens nationwide on Christmas
Published: Friday 09 December, 2016
10 Must Have Christmas Songs for Holiday Season by Michael Allen
Regal Mag lists best Christmas songs of all time from R&B artists
Published: Wednesday 23 November, 2016
10 Artists TV One Should Profile on 'Unsung' by Michael Allen
TV One's 'Unsung' a documentary series on talented, but under appreciated musical artists
Published: Friday 04 November, 2016
Perry Ellis Aqua Extreme Perfect Cologne to Transition into Fall by Michael Allen
Perry Ellis Aqua Extreme available for $60
Published: Friday 14 October, 2016
Five Fall, Winter Must See Films by Michael Allen
Fourth quarter 2016, first quarter 2017 feature great films with predominantly Black casts
Published: Friday 30 September, 2016
Win Free Passes to Advance Screening of 'Deepwater Horizon' by Michael Allen
'Deepwater Horizon' stars Mark Wahlberg; hits theaters Sept. 30
Published: Friday 16 September, 2016
DVD Review: TV Adaptation of 'Limitless' in Stores Now by Michael Allen
'Limitless' receives rating of 2.5 out of 4 crowns
Published: Friday 09 September, 2016
Regal Mag Celebrates Most Memorable VMA Moments of All Time by Michael Allen
MTV Video Music Awards scheduled for Aug. 28 at Madison Square Garden
Published: Friday 26 August, 2016
Win Free Tickets to Movie 'Nine Lives' by Michael Allen
'Nine Lives' opens in theaters today
Published: Friday 05 August, 2016
Submit Pics of Your Squad to Win Tickets to 'Suicide Squad' by Michael Allen
Top five pictures from contestants will win two tickets each to 'Suicide Squad'
Published: Friday 29 July, 2016
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