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Men, Make Sure Your Shoe Game is On Point

by Golden Herring

Wing tip shoes should remain in a man’s wardrobe as Andre Perry shows as he strolls the streets of New York (Photo Credit: R4610/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images).

The Right Footwear Will Make Any Man Look Like a Million Bucks

Accessories can make or break an outfit.

No matter how extravagant the suit is, the wrong shoes, tie, belt and/or pocket square can distract from the perfectly tailored suit.

Likewise, a less expensive suit can make one look like a million bucks when worn with the correct footwear. gives men tips on buying the right shoes for the right suit, and explains the type of shoes every mature man should have in their closet.

Black lace-up shoes are a necessity for any adult male.

Wing tip shoes never go out of style although a trendy suit will.

Save your soles because they wear out the fastest.  Plastic and metal soles last longer.

Contrary to popular belief, men should only avoid square toes for black shoes.  Take chances with shoes that are not black.  Show your personality with a square toe.

Shine your shoes everyday.  Start by brushing them off.  Apply polish with a rag or towel and then brush them off again.

Shoetrees are essential to preserving the shape of the shoe and it prevents shoes from developing creases while absorbing moisture.  It also makes them smell better.

Sockless look is still in style.  Wearing loafers without socks gives a man a look of youthful style.  However, in order to keep shoes smelling great while going sockless always apply talcum powder to the shoes.

Colorful socks are also in style, however, they are not necessary when wearing a tie with elaborate designs.  Colorful socks look better when you do not wear a tie.

Always remember, your shoes have to be the same color as your belt or suspenders.

If you can only spend a lot of money on either shoes or a fancy suit, go with the shoes every time because they will stay in style longer and nice footwear will make any outfit look great.

This article was published on Friday 17 October, 2014.
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