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Every now and then, a publication, such as Regal Magazine ( comes along that is both socially relevant and entertaining.  Magazines such as Regal, usually contain thought provoking and groundbreaking material, and inspire millions of readers to achieve greatness.  When John H. Johnson launched Ebony and Jet, he inspired countless generations of African Americans that they could have the same type of success as the people covered in those magazines, despite living in a society that labeled them as inferior. follows the same format as its predecessors by providing a positive image of African American males and covering topics that are pertinent among Black men. 

Regal Magazine was founded in November 2006 by publisher Todd A. Smith.  Smith envisioned the publication being a male counterpart to magazines like Essence and Sister 2 Sister.  The publisher believed there were many issues among Black men that were being ignored by the larger culture.

Often, mainstream media ignores the plight of Black males.  Many critics believe that African American males are not interested in reading socially relevant material and prefer destructive images like excessive violence, materialism, and sexual promiscuity.  However, Regal Magazine is committed to portraying African American males in a positive light, and covering issues that are relevant to Black men, in hopes of providing a platform to discuss important issues that are affecting the Black community. tackles such prevalent issues as health, finances, relationships, and sports.  In addition, the online magazine provides positive stories of African American men who have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles on their road to success.  Lastly, Regal Magazine includes features of Black athletes and entertainers making positive contributions to their communities.



This article was published on Sunday 01 July, 2007.
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