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Atlanta Mayor Attempts to Mitigate Impact of New Georgia Voting Rules by Shane Thomas
Georgia's new voting restrictions led to MLB moving All-Star Game to Denver
Published: Friday 09 April, 2021
If GOP Didn't Have Problem With Cancel Culture in Past, Why Now? by Todd A. Smith
Liberal celebs have gotten canceled for decades because of their politics
Published: Friday 09 April, 2021
Changing the Game: California Eliminates Cash Bail for Disadvantaged Defendants by Giam Pierre
Bail can still be issued for defendants who can afford it
Published: Friday 26 March, 2021
Texas GOP Attempts to Purge Voters to Combat Alleged Voter Fraud by Jeremy James
Critics of GOP move see voter purges as voter suppression as Texas becomes more competitive
Published: Friday 19 March, 2021
Voting Rights, Voter Suppression Continue to Grab Headlines by Golden Herring
Many states have introduced legislation making it more difficult to vote
Published: Friday 12 March, 2021
Over Last Decade Houston Has Had Its Share of Problems by Shane Thomas
Houston has not adopted slogan 'Houston Strong' for nothing
Published: Thursday 18 February, 2021
Say it With Me: Freedom of Speech Does Not Apply to Private Businesses by Todd A. Smith
First Amendment prohibits government from infringing on free speech but does not prohibit private businesses from doing so
Published: Friday 15 January, 2021
People Should Replace New Year's Resolutions with New Day Resolutions by Todd A. Smith
New day resolutions would be easier to keep than New Year's resolutions
Published: Saturday 02 January, 2021
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